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Blackberry Wine Recipe

Hits 65211 | Created 2007-05-16 | Modified 2009-07-24

A nice dark wine, I like it sweet.

- 3 lb Blackberries
- 3 lb Granulated Sugar
- 1 Gallon Boiling Water (8 Pints)
- 1 tsp Wine Yeast
- Yeast Nutrient
- Pectic Enzyme

- Wash fruit well.
- Put into a plastic bucket[1] and pour 1 gallon of boiling water over them.
- Stir well, cover bucket[2] and leave for a 10 days, but stir well every day with a plastic spoon[3].
- Strain liquid through muslin into another bucket, ensure no pips get through.
- Add 3 lb of sugar.
- Stir well until sugar is dissolved.
- Add the yeast[4], yeast nutrient and pectic enzyme[5]; then cover bucket and leave for 3 days, stirring daily.
- It will then be ready to strain and put into fermentation jar[6].
- Ferment until done. Rack and clear wine before bottling[7].
- Wine should be ready in 6 months. Lovely dark red colour, rather sweet.

Some points not made clear in the original recipe.

1 All utensils and bucket etc should be sterile. Please see the section on Sterilisation. This is very important.
2 Some muslin, or sterile cloth tied around the top with string should suffice.
3 Yes, it is important.
4 Try and find wine yeast, rather than bakers' yeast - the difference is that bakers yeast can make wine only up to 14% alc, and wine yeast wine between 15% and 18% alc.
5 Follow instructions on packet bought, or, about a teaspoon of each. They are not essential to the process, but certainly help increase fermentation speed and strength of wine.
6 These can be bought in chemists or wine-making or home-brew shops, they hold about a gallon and have a slim top where a fermentation lock can be inserted. If you really can't find one, you can ferment in a bucket that has polythene tied around the top tightly with string - air will find a way out when pressure increases and hopefully not let any air back in. If you use a fermentation jar, ensure that you sterilise the lock - the lock should have water in both chambers, so air bubbles through it as it is pushed out of the bottle - you should top up the lock when it gets low.
7 See section on Racking, also important.

Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by eric Hits | Last Modified 2007-07-26
I will try it
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by LYNN DANFORTH Hits | Last Modified 2007-07-30
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by JP Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-12
A couple of clarifications: After straining the liquid out, where do I add the sugar to - the bucket with the liquid or the bucket with the berries? Also, do the berries need to be crushed? It would be great if you are clear on your instructions.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-12
Hi, sorry if not clear. Berries do not need to be crushed. Add sugar to the strained liquid, not the residue of berries.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Nick Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-12
Nice and simple. Thanks. If you have enough berries try 6lbs per gallon and go low on the sugar to 2.25 lbs per gallon for a realy full bodied wine. I am lazy and mix the sugar in boiling water in the tank first. Then I add the berries in muslin and leave 24 hours to cool. I put the yeast straight in to the tank with sugar and berries after cooling with no straining. I then leave for 4 days stirring daily and then siphon into demijohns through a sterile stocking and carry on as your recipe suggests. Seems to turn out ok every time as long as all is clean. Be sure to leave for at least one year before drinking after bottling, if you use this many berries.

Best of luck :)
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by RJ Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-19
My friend and I have been making the blackberry recipe and it's ready in a couple of months; why wait a year?
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Colsie Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-23
because it will taste better. If you drunk it you'll never know!
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Rob Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-25
I've been following this recipe as we had a bumper crop of blackberries this year but I have a potential problem...
Before I start, let me just note that this is the first time ever that I've attempted to make any sort of alcoholic beverage!
The brew went into the demijohns exactly a week ago today and all seemed well (bubbling away nicely, nice sweet berry smell coming out). Came home from work last night to find the house filled with an eggy aroma. I smelt the airlocks on the demijohns and although fairly subtle, the smell has definitely changed and now I'm worried! I have 5 demijohns going in total, with probably 3 inches of air space in the top of each. The yeast I used was Gervin No.2 if that's of any use. Any help would be appreciated!
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-26
Hi, egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide in the wine. It might not be a problem for all your wine. Try a search for




This guy seems quite knowledgeable:

I'm afraid I've never come across this problem myself - good luck sorting it out, the last link implies that the wine can be saved!
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Dan Hits | Last Modified 2009-08-31
How much wine does it make?
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-02
"How much wine does it make?"
Usually 5-6 bottles.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by BOB Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-08
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-09
Why not? Let us know how it goes. Also, you seem to have your CAPS LOCK stuck on...
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by cheryl Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-12
went out and brought a burgundy wine yeast, and pectolase, how much pectolase do i need to use, im running on the 3lb of blackberries, and also what is the yeast nutrient, as i havent got that yet?
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-14
I've never used Pektolase, but read that .5 tsp for 5 gallons was enough? Yeast nutrient can be bought and any wine shop - wherever you got your yeast should sell it. More info on it here: http://www.eckraus.com/wine-making-nutrients.html
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by John Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-15
It's day 7 of the first step and there is a "wine" smell to the blackberry slurry already. Should I add the sugar and yeast now or wait the full ten days....don't want it to turn to vinegar. Thanks, great little forum.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-16
Hi John, waiting is always the hardest part :) so long as you keep everything covered properly and ensure your spoon is sterile each day, you should be fine for the 10 days. Have faith! :) Ralph
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Darren Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-19
How much pectine enzyme and yeast nutriant

Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Matt Hits | Last Modified 2009-09-21
Darren - see note 5.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by jon Hits | Last Modified 2010-08-01
Hi, I just made 5 gallons of blackberry wine !The sugar i used is brown!The 2nd day and it smeels like a winery!~i REALLY GOT SCRAPED AND PRICKED PICKING BERRIES.i AM GOING BACK OUT TOMMAROW FOR ANOTHER 5 GALLONS OF FRUIT !cheers aug 1 2010~
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Paul Hits | Last Modified 2010-09-27
I've just reached the stage where I've strained the mixture into a demijohn for the first time, but I neglected to stir it for the 3 days after I added the yeast etc. It was slow to start fermenting so would this have been caused by not stirring the mixture for those three days? I don't have an airing cupboard, or a warm room, so I put a hot water bottle underneath the demijohn. A little unorthodox I know but it seems to have stimulated the fermentation. I was comparing this to the elderberry that I am also making at the moment and that is fermenting and fizzing like a shook up bottle of lemonade!
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Ralpharama Hits | Last Modified 2010-09-28
Should be fine, the slow fermentation was likely just caused by it not being warm enough. Elderberry is a great fermenter compared to blackberry, so will always be more vigorous - blackberry is a slower wine.
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Donna Hits | Last Modified 2011-02-12
how many time should you rack wine we do blackberry and grape
Comment Blackberry Wine Recipe comment by Shrek Hits | Last Modified 2011-08-10
I have always had to do racking once Donna with grape, I always put the wine from my carboy that i have been using for the wine as it ferments and once done I carefully siyphen it into a clean drum leaving the sediment behind and leaving it about a week so any remanding floating sediment that might be floating around should be now on the bottom of your second carboy and your grape wine should be clear and ready to bottle. Hope that was what you was asking and if so hope that helps.

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