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Afterlife with adverts

I find this amazing - I woke up with this dream in mind and wrote it down quickly. Then had a doubt. This seemed familiar. I searched a while and found this, a video I'd seen a couple of years earlier! The mind - amazing! Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers [[1]]

In the future immortality of a sort is attained by storing your mind indefinitely in a massive computer array. Your life from that point is limitless in possibilities and all your old friends are there. But there's a catch. The afterlife is a privately run concern and it costs. If you're rich enough you go in for free, if not there are various entry levels including, 'some advertising', where your memories are slightly altered to include brand names (your wedding in Barbados is suddenly sponsored by Virgin, you wear red outfits and the guests, who flew in on Virgin airlines all drink Virgin cola). The lowest level is a kind of walking billboard that can't help but find old friends and sing advertising jingles or talk about how great a cup of Nescafe is in the morning. I woke up slightly horrified.

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