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Where is everyone? The bar is closing, ah, there they are, been on a pub crawl eh? What's everyone having? I ask, then my mum appears and takes me by the arm. I need fifty quid, she says. What? Fifty quid? What for? Why? I scratch my side, that's annoying, that itch. Okay, I'll just get some change, I call over the barman, I need some change for my mum, I say. I pull out a handful of coins. Oh great, we need change, says the barman. No, no, I need the fifty pences for my mum. Er, hang on, no, that's not right, I need fifty quid, not pence. I look round but mum's gone, she's over in the market part of the pub which is bright, sunny and outside, buying what look like magic beans from a suspicious vendor. I think she'll need the fifty quid very soon. Ow! I feel like I'm being bitten, what the hell, ants? I wake up and pull off the sheets and stand up and brush down my body. Ah. No ants, no pub, no market, no mother bothering me for money. I sit on the bed very confused for a while in the dark.

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