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Delhi, post apocalypse, I'm travelling back to the camp through broken streets of smashed glass, litter and burnt out vehicles, there are hardly any people left. A sticky black goblin limps up to me and whispers, 'Take me, take me.' Oh my god, it stinks! Wait, is it a goblin? I'm not sure, it seems deformed and covered in filth. I run off and it follows, touching me when it gets close, 'Take me, help me.' it says. I pass through a deserted metro station, and, as the stinky sticky thing walks up, I push it down the stairs and watch it tumble over and over making an awful shrieking noise. At the bottom it is still for a while then gets up and limps towards me again. 'Help me, take me.' it whispers. Back at the camp and the thing is still with me, we pass through the gate and a woman runs up, screaming, 'My baby! You found my baby!' I stare for a while, 'That's...? Oh, right. No problem.' I say. Later, when the perfectly normal four-year-old is cleaned up and we're at supper, he stares at me for a long time, and not in a real friendly way.

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