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Queen isabella castill.jpg
Blind. I've gone blind and my hands have started to shake, some kind of awful medieval disease. My character is awkwardly feeling his way along a wall as a royal advisor explains this to me. I realise that, because I'm in a dream, although the body I'm in is blind, I can still see. My brain is affected by the disease too - as the advisor explains that walls normally have light switches near doors, and doors have handles half-way down them my brain struggles to make sense of 'near' and 'half-way'. Anyway, it's time to to go, I'm led by the arm to a stone balcony overlooking lush forest for tea with the Queen. 'I will help you as much as it is in my power, you are special to me,' she tells me. The Queen is hot, I notice, wearing a tight red velvet dress. I thank her and make my trembling hand take a biscuit. I shouldn't be able to see the biscuits, has she noticed? She hasn't. 'We shall find you a companion for your quest, she says.' Quest? I'm going on a quest? 'A strong, clever person with fighting skills and the charm of a diplomat. I know just the man.' And she smiles an odd smile, that I also can't see.

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