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Pre-Brexit, that is (sadly)

Everywhere I turn people are talking referendum, and it seems like there's no point in debating anymore as everyone's made up their minds, like a bloody-minded drunk, they're not listening. Chip shop and the man cooking my food asks what I'm voting, 'Remain.' I say, 'You?'. He looks down at the fish, 'Not made up my mind really.' in manner that tells me he has, 'Why you voting in?' he asks. I start talking economics and workers rights, and he doesn't exactly disagree with me, uh-huh, '...and the right to live, work and retire anywhere in Europe!' I say. 'Retire?' he's raised his voice, 'Well we don't want that! What? Just ANYONE come over here and retire?' he's upset now, 'I don't think so!' he yells. I want to ask him if he knows how many Brits have retired to Spain, but he's angrily serving someone else now. So he HAS made up his mind - he's going to vote leave to stop the hordes of FOREIGN from coming, working, living and (god forbid) retiring here. I eat my chips and despair a little. I want TO BE A EUROPEAN (eating frites).