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From an old website, Alien in Montreal

Brutopia is one of my favourite bars – live music, vibrant, good food, wide choice of inexpensive micro-brewed beer, friendly staff, dark, smoky, and cosy.


Nothing ever really tends to happen to me there. I can go, night after night, and have a good time, drinking IPA and Honey-Nut Ale, but then I leave and think, what happened tonight? And I can't remember.

The place is full of oddballs though – bizarrely tattooed burly folk, wizard-like old men moving around the pub oddly, slow moving crazy-women who dance much too wildly when the band begins to play, and more.

That's it? That's your story?

Yes, I'm afraid it is, for now.

Address: 1219 Crescent, Montreal, QC Telephone: (514) 393-9277 Web: Metro: Peel Quote: "Brutopia is the premiere brewpub in downtown Montreal."