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Cat rescue. We sneak across town and into the house where it's being held, an anxious lookout posted outside. The cat doesn't want to come, it digs its claws into the bed and won't to let go. I have to make the cat understand, using... cat language. Cat language is curious - visual clues connected by strips of ribbon layered up to give meaning. It takes some time but I manage to get across that if the cat doesn't leave with us it faces cruelty and no outside bird-killing time. It chooses us, we take it home. The next day we're nervous in the sunny yard. A tall albino creature with an evil face is loitering nearby, does it plan to take the cat back? Nellie comes out of the house, talking loudly about shopping in town, asking questions. I follow her a little and watch her leave, still talking. When I turn around the albino thing is right behind me, axe raised.

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