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There are nice colours, and then there's cyan. No, I'm not doubting that cyan in nature is pretty, but that's not the cyan used by Microsoft. The cyan used by Microsoft doesn't appear in nature because every animal or plant that's used it has been trampled on in anger by elephants and such that have to look upon it. You don't know what cyan is? It's the colour of surgical gowns (because blood on white looks too red), it's halfway between green and blue on an RGB additive colour wheel, it has a frequency of 490–520 nm, is horrible, and is the background colour of code blocks in my text editor. Why in god's name would someone make the background of code blocks CYAN? Today, tinkering in my editor I found out how to change it to something else. Light grey. Suddenly I'm less grumpy and my world is an infinitely better place. I'm HAPPY to code now. I LIKE looking at code again. Lessons for the day sometimes the things you accept every day for years on end aren't healthy, and can be changed. End of sermon. End of cyan.