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Secret cavern, a pretty, cursed Djinn is complaining that La-Faed undressed her with his eyes, she wants to destroy him. 'Do not! La-Faed can mow the kraal and then there will be blood from sunrise to sunset for us all.' I hiss. Silence at that. Right, what's this challenge then? There's a presentation by the Djinn where we're shown the distant target which must be set aflame by arrow, and then a visual representation of our ship, filled with gold. 'But there is much risk.' she concludes. 'Er, what's the risk again exactly?' I ask, but everyone is cheering the sight of gold and getting ready. 'Okay, I'll do it, I'm brilliant at archery.' I say, and am handed a bow and arrow #1. Arrow #1 is a matchstick. I'm thinking I should have asked more details of this task. I do my best but the match simply falls to the floor. Arrow #2 is a twig with a match tied to the end. I sigh. The twig bends and flips off the bow and spins into a corner. I'm thinking that I should have persisted in asking about the risk. Last arrow. 'Can we use our own arrow? Has anyone got a normal arrow?' I ask. Someone has and we tie a match head to the tip with some string. Notch. Breathe. Draw, and... release.

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