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Horror dream.

An isolated mountainous island somewhere in the Arctic sea. We're supposed to set up a festival here but it's cold and haunted, people keep dying. We hold a meeting in the church, someone points out that the plants are all bleeding, 'and the bleeding has spread to... us.' I now don't feel well so go to the toilet, which is filthy, flooded and broken. I find a secret door leading down. Maybe down here? I think. At the bottom is a pile of old toys and a big white doll which I stare at. It falls into my arms, and comes to life, tells me to take it outside. Outside we join some others on a big rock and watch as the doll causes a woman to be struck by lightning, she dies screaming. 'What do you want?' I ask the doll. It turns its head. 'I want your eyes to see!' it says. 'What about,' I think fast, 'if we find someone we don't know, and you take their eyes? Someone who isn't one of our friends?' I gesture the group. The doll looks at me with its dead eyes, then says 'But, you'll never have a friend as good as me.'

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