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Deserted festival.jpg
Deserted festival at night, I walk alone, pull a sofa off a fire, it's very quiet. I head for a chalet in the distance and wander in when I arrive. Two vague friends are here, sitting on the bed, they don't know where anyone else is. I realise I'm tired, bored and straight. I'm at a festival, I reason, I should be high. 'Do you guys have any, um, drugs?' I ask. They stare at me. 'That I could buy?' I add. She looks at him, then me, 'We could dip you a cup if you like?' she says. I think about this for a while. 'Dip it in what, exactly?' She leans forward and whispers, 'MDMA.' I sit back and sigh. 'Is there really *nothing* else?' I ask, sadly.

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