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I'm woken from sleep by a noise. I seem to be lying on the concrete floor of a supermarket where the shutters are being opened and people are coming inside. I run up some stairs, hide under a table and fall asleep again. Awake again, sometime later, I'm in my house, in my bed. Downstairs there's a broken window and outside I find the door is damaged, like someone was trying to get inside. There's a man here, he says that an evil dwarf wants to kill me. 'You must confront him, you cannot hide.' the shadowy stranger tells me, 'But do not fear, for he has a weakness.' 'Oh?' I say, brightening up. 'Yes, hit him hard in the face. He cannot stand being hit hard in the face.' I stare at him, he's not joking. I find the dwarf in a bar, grey-skinned, bald and misshapen, he's a monster with his cronies. He gets up and I hit him hard in the face, he goes down and I fall on him, punching him again and again. A key falls from his pocket, I take it and run.

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