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Fever. Restless, the ceiling fan whirs, I can hear helicopters. God I need to wee, my god it's so hot. I roll out of bed and contemplate the world from hands and knees. Once I was in Delhi during a heatwave, it was 50°C and over a thousand people had died across the city, the roads melted. We cowered in our cheap hotel room with an old air con on max, watching Oliver, the musical, and looking out of the window at the shimmering empty street. Eventually I insisted on going out - I wanted to experience 50°C. It was like a wall of heat, a tangible thing you had to push through. As you walked you got weaker, slowing down, sloooowing down. I imagined being in Ice Cold in Alex... So, the heat's like that. What the hell? It's almost as hot as my parents' house at Christmas. Ah, yes! I remember. The boiler has been playing up, with moisture inside tripping a safety switch, so I've been keeping the heating on to dry it out. I remember. Ten hours overnight should do it, I'm thinking. *waters plants*