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When I was exhausted in Turku the other week, I suggested having a nap by the river on the grassy slopes. Riikka was reluctant. You can't sleep in public, she tells me, the police will come. I'm suspicious of this at the time, thinking, surely not? Surely you can sleep on a grassy slope at the side of a river in the sun? Anyway, a few days ago we were waiting for a bus and there was a man asleep on a bench. After about five minutes a police van pulled up, two men got out and woke the man up. They helped him up and he unsteadily got into the back of the van. They then picked up his bag and drove away. ALL IN SILENCE. Not a single word was said, from start to finish. I suspect he was driven straight to SLEEPING RE-EDUCATION CAMP. I'm always looking for the dark, sinister side of this society that's so neat, clean, quiet, well-ordered, self-policing and seemingly happy. Just a couple of days ago a crowd of people were stood around another man, down-and-out chap, asleep in the centre of town on the floor. He had his pants pulled down to reveal a hard-not-to-look-at arse. It seems the crowd were waiting for the sleeping police to arrive. Now it's all clear. The Finns' love of coffee. They drink more of it per capita than any other nation on earth*. It's because they're terrified of falling asleep and being sent to sleeping re-education camp! And, get this, reader, we ran out of coffee today and I'm all alone, FEELING SLEEPY. Am I allowed to sleep inside during the day, I wonder? Maybe I should concentrate on work...