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Floating TVs in India

I travel to a dusty Indian village and can't leave because the road is out due to water pipe repairs. The army are restless so we decide to put on a play to entertain them (some part of the Ramayana with a miserable Sita). As part of the play I have to carry around a TV and VCR, which are heavy, but luckily the main lead casts a spell on them so they float. I start to take them everywhere, watching Indian TV as I wander around. I become quite popular (I blame TV) and move into a wobbly house balanced on a hill. It's surrounded by old rusty scaffolding and has frighteningly sheer drops everywhere. The magic actress asks me to look after her child and he immediately runs out onto the scaffolding and through a hole, plunging a few hundred feet to the rocks below. A team of doctors assemble and dress in green raincoats (I assist) and we perform immediate surgery, but to no avail - the child dies within a day. Distressed I wander off until I find a lonely garage and ask for a job. 'Ok, sure', I'm told to fix the brakes on a speedboat, as the 'banana seals' have gone. 'Um, right', I say and look busy... It's around now that the angry relatives of the boy appear (two aunties) and attack me with giant wrenches. During the fight my TV and VCR float into a tree and smash to tiny pieces.

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