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I'm in pain and can't breathe. Where am I? I'm lying down in cold water, there's a man on top of me, attacking me. I feel weak, I try to push him off but then he's hauled off me by guards. I'm wearing rags and I'm lying in a cold stream. I'm pulled up roughly and chained back to my post. Ah, a galley slave? Sure, but a land ship, we push the great ship endlessly over hills and fields. I'm exhausted but push on, I have the feeling I've been here forever. Eventually we trundle through a town and I see an old friend, well dressed but so old. Am I that old? I feel it. He catches my eye but seems to ignore me, I crane my neck trying to look back, but we don't stop. Onwards, pushing, the dead are cut free now and then. Some hours later we stop and I'm untied, wordlessly I'm led away, taken behind some trees. Death, I assume. But then the galley-master just gestures back down the road, go! he says. Free, I stumble back along the road towards the town, unused to the weight of nothing, and there, just there, is my old friend, sitting waiting by the side of the road for me.

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