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Buying unpronounceable Polish lager in the corner shop. Smoking man is serving. I hand my card over and he pauses, looks at it. 'Is that you?' he asks. It is, me on an Enfield motorcycle in India, cheesy grin. I explain that you can get any photo on your card with Halifax. 'You'd have to watch what photos you used though, eh?' he says. 'Yeah,' I say, 'not too risqué eh?'. He gets excited, 'Yes, you couldn't have pictures of children. Imagine if you sent pictures of your children! You'd have a knock on the door from the police!' I stare at him. I take my card and start to retreat from the shop, he leaves the counter and pursues me, 'Because there was that case, wasn't there? Where that man put in pictures of his kids to be developed, naked in the bath!' He's shouting now. I'm outside the shop, heading home.