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First day back at University and I don't know where my office is, who I'm teaching (or what course) and I think I'm collecting some foreign students at the airport soon. I go to Dr P's house, he can help. 'Ah, just in time,' he tells me, 'you're going to be modelling this fish creature from the future.' He shows me into his study where a large holographic fish hangs in the air. 'Why don't you make a start?' He leaves, closing the door and I stare into the fish's face. I look for a computer but can't find one. Gosh, it's hot in here, I'll open a window for some air. As I open the window the fish makes a terrible trumpeting sound and pushes past me, swimming off into the night. Dr P bursts in, looking horrified, 'Nooo! The fish!' he shouts. 'So... that was the actual creature, and not a hologram?' I ask as Dr P sobs.

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