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Looking for some food we walk into a cafe that's being run by a friend. At the counter is a mostly-naked man entirely covered in, what is that? I look more closely. Is it skin? I read a sign around his neck, it says, 'I decorate myself with the noses of my dead baby girls'. Woah, I back off and look around. There are baby girl noses everywhere in the cafe, all the food seems to be made up of them, and others are wearing them on their faces and round their necks. I watch a pizza topped with them being carried out. 'Let's get out of here!' I hiss to my companions, 'There's nothing vegetarian to eat at all.' On the way out I notice someone has stuck a baby girl nose on my face with sellotape, I yank it off with disgust and then stop, staring at it. 'Is that... hot dog?' I sniff it. It is. I realise there are no baby girl noses, they're ALL the ends of hot dogs, cut in half.

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