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From an old website, Alien in Montreal

The Ice Bar is on the third floor of a building that is full of other bars. In fact, it's actually quite hard to get to unless you know where you're going. As we approach the entrance, a young woman with a clipboard (ever an ominous thing) intercepts us and asks, 'London Pub or Stogie's?'

We look at each other and I say, 'Um, we were thinking of going to the top floor.'

'Oh.' she says, and starts to walk up the stairs.

We follow. Half-way up I ask, 'Are you escorting us?'

She says that she is. When we get to the second floor she dithers in front of the door to Stogies. We smile and continue up the stairs.

'What was that all about?' Asks Qbert.

I tell him that I have no idea.

We peer inside the Ice Bar, trying to get an idea of what it is like. The reason we don't just wander in is twofold:

1. The large Australian bouncer who discourages such an act. 2. A coat check for $2.

I ask the bouncer, 'So, what's going here then?' Which is rather lame sounding, but I'm stalling for time, craning my neck inside and looking about.

'Oh, just a chilled out lounge mate.' he says, nicely.

We check our coats and give it a go with our usual mantra of We can have one pint I suppose. The main interests of the bar were (and there were few) the cheap décor (wobbly plastic silver wall fittings, industrial carpet, poor-man's blue walls etc), the six foot by six foot dancefloor (devoid dancers), and the single-cubicle unisex bathroom that created a great deal of social situations where everyone seemed unnaturally excited (in the queue).

Some stared at the ubiquitous TV screen in the corner of the bar showing sports whilst others stared at the view, three floors down, to the street below. There's always something good about looking down on the world when you have a drink in your hand. And while we all stared at our respective objects, the bouncer stared at us, bored and looming largely in the corner.

In the end we stayed for only one pint after all, and decided to pit our luck against Stogie's Lounge, one floor down.


1. Address:  2015 Crescent, Montreal, H3G 2C1 (3rd floor)
2. Telephone: (514) 848-0069
3. Map Link:  
4. Nearest Metro: Guy-Concordia