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The Three Mechanics of Ralph

Three mechanics in one day is more than anyone needs in life. This is especially so in India. The 'mobile' mechanic #1 wanders around, so was hard to find. He twisted a screw and charged me 50Rs. As luck would have it I was passing mechanic #2, 'Khans Place', as the clutch pedal broke. He looked and wordlessly took off on his scooter and returned with new pedal an hour later, which he fitted, changed the previously adjusted screw back, and charged me 350Rs. It took me an hour to find mechanic #3, he took me on his scooter to re-find my bike, changed the plugs and air filter, moved the mysterious screw back again, and refitted Khan's clutch pedal. Now I can only change gear up with my back heel. But I'm in Shimla, the mountains are amazing, and the bike is *currently* working... In other news, I burn through factor 40spf.