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The way I like to approach riding for hours on dangerous roads, in a storm at 3,000m, is with no waterproof or warm clothing. On a bike that sometimes refuses to start, or go into 4th gear. Luckily we rarely get past 40km - a combination of road conditions, steep climbs, and the terrifying possibility of a truck without brakes round the next corner. I shiver uncontrollably, soaking wet, in the corner of the chai shack. I would describe this day as 'advanced challenging'. I'm in Narkanda. The bike had to be started by one of the staring crowd this morning, no idea why. I can't imagine tomorrow will be easier. On my third attempt I just managed to buy more trousers, a shirt and jacket. Tomorrow, even if close to breakdown/despair/tears, I shall at least be warm. It is beautiful however, and the food is good...