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A full day. I follow the River Beas through still pine forests until I turn a corner and suddenly come across two monkeys having sex. They stop and both stare at me, the male at the back standing calmly upright, with his hands resting on the back of the other. I stare back. After a brief awkward silence, still looking in my eyes, the monkey slowly starts again... It doesn't take long and they both wander off in opposite directions, I'd swear, huffily. I walk on, eventually finding a gigantic cracked boulder. Feeling like an intrepid explorer, I squeeze through a crack and emerge in a place where people clearly all go for a crap. As I make a hasty retreat I reflect that it requires a fair bit of discipline and skill for so many people to lay them so neatly in a stack... The memory *almost* puts me off my Mr Whippy when I reach civilisation, which lasts, in this heat, approximately 25 seconds before reverting to its preferred liquid state.