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India Journal

5th May. Monday.

The only notable event of the day so far was the security check. An old hand, I empty everything from pockets into my bag whilst in the very long queue. I'm about to whip off my belt when I realise that I'm wearing the jeans where they button came off recently - the belt actually holds up my pants, and I'm wearing no underwear.

I reach the security barrier and the officer tells me to put my belt in the tray. I do so and wander through the x-ray machine holding up my pants with a hand. I set it off, of course. The next security guard gestures for me to raise my hands for a search. So, I'm about to give the crowds a good packet shot as my pants fall down - I can't suddenly grab to hold them up if they fall, I realise, as the guard might think I'm reaching for a knife, or something.

Miraculously the zip stays up and my pants stay on, even when he starts felling inside the waistband.

Anxious moments. I'm sweating and look so worried that applies several probes and searches over my body.

'It's the boots.' I tell him, 'They always set it off.'

'I thought that,' he says, 'but then something told me it was something else. Intuition.'