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'Is that...' 'Yes, it's Lady Thatcher.' whispers the woman next to me. 'Oh right, I say.' She seems to be my boss in my new job at the University. She's telling about the lake - I need to cover the rocks with weeds within a month so she can release some rare fish. 'I'll get on it right away.' I say. To get around the lake I need a boat, but at the marina they're all guarded. I sneak along the quayside. Does that guard have a gun? He does. First up, an industrial barge, not ideal. Next there's an old fishing trawler, nope. Ah, a speedboat. I'm untying the ropes when a guard spots me. He runs up and points two guns at me, I hold up my hands. He's talking but I'm not listening, I'm thinking this isn't real, I'll resist. So I grab his hands and we struggle, bang! He shoots into the ground, I angle the gun into his body and, bang! He slumps. As I lower him into the water he stares at me sadly. Just a game, I think, it's just a game. And cast off in the speedboat. It takes forever to find the starter fuse, which I light like a firework and wait, holding the wheel.