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I've led Lakshmi here, into the shady, fabric-sided hut of Geetesh. She sits at a table and Geetesh sits at the far end trying to look calm smoking a cigarette. 'Look here,' he says to Lakshmi, 'I've been generous with my offers but you are still keeping secrets from me.' Lakshmi has been running a profitable business and Geetesh wants to take it over, she senses the danger though and today begins to read him a list of villagers and what they owe to her. 'There's Manraj, and he owes 320 but his mother is ill...' as she talks Geetesh gets up and wanders to the front of the hut, quietly closing the flap. He then picks up a stick attached to a rope with a large metal nut tied to the end of it and walks behind Lakshmi. I get up and back slowly away as Lakshmi talks on. He hits her hard across the head, using the nut weapon like a whip, again and again it hits her head as she falls to the floor, hands raised, wailing in a most terrible way. Eventually she falls silent and Geetesh peers out of a gap in the fabric at the hot and dusty street. I notice a small boy sitting on some oil drums in the compound next door who has watched the whole thing, he waves at me.

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