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Outside the cliff-face door was a rocky cove and a small sandy beach. The woman I was with giggled and started taking off her shorts, 'Let's get naked and paddle!' she said. I sat down and started to pull off my t-shirt. I look through the glass door and windows into the room behind us in the cliff, and think about the totalitarian regime within. I'm uneasy. 'Won't there be trouble if we're caught, you know, naked together?' She looks at me, smiling, 'Ah, but we're just a couple of wee girls together, no one care about us!' I peel off my socks, eyeing her. 'You do know I'm a man, don't you?' I say. She bursts into laughter and splashes me. Well, I think, she'll soon see, then a sudden panic sets in: AM I A MAN? In this dream I'm not actually sure, the body certainly feels a bit unfamiliar. Well, I think, I'll soon see, and carry on undressing.