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View of the back side of the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella

I'd travelled through a 'stargate' in another dreamworld and found myself in a cart travelling with several others, bound for distant safe lands. We had just come through a pass and looked at the valley ahead of us. Green, lush, deserted. We pushed on at great speed. 'Why can't we just settle here?' I asked, looking at the endless beautifully ornate white buildings that had appeared to our left. The low multi-level buildings had dark holes all along them, like windows. My companion explained that an ancient king mad with grief after the death of his wife had build this memorial to her. To keep people from going near or settling in the valley he had captured and bred terrible ghast-like wraiths to live inside. At night they crept out of the black windows and scoured the land for meat, in terrifying numbers. We hurried on and I stared at the sprawling mausoleum as the sun moved steadily towards the horizon.