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From an old website, Alien in Montreal

Last night we went to McLeans pub on Peel which has two floors of drunken people, and a lot of TV screens showing out of focus basketball. Upstairs are a couple of pool tables where men try and look tough and cool whilst following through with the white ball all the time. There are some comfy seats in the corner, under yet another sports monitor and that's where we sat for a few hours. Guinness and Sangria were drank in copious quantities.

So, you get up and walk towards the back, and the toilets. The pub doesn't look finished at this point - there are unpainted patches and bare wooden walls in places. The plumbing is clearly visible.

Take a right turn and you're inside the men's' toilets. Take a sharp right once inside and you can unzip and go about your business as you stare at more bare wooden walls, missing tiles and greasy looking pipes.

After you finish up, you notice the condom machine hanging on the wall - the usual exciting images of ferraris, palm trees and pretty, bikini-clad girls adorn the outside. But here's the interesting thing: Next to the condom machine is a Tylenol dispensing machine, 25 cents a pill. It proudly claims that your headache will be gone in twenty minutes!

Good combo.


1210 Peel