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I was on a journey with a band of travellers which included three mermaids in its number and two others like myself, we camped nervously in the mouth of a cave under the darkening skies of an evil land. After we cooked I kept watch and soon spied a long limbed creature that had been hiding in the woods creeping stealthily towards the cooking pot. Our leader had seen it too and leapt up, weapon in hand, shouting, driving it away. We stared at the woods. 'It's hungry, should we not just feed it?' I asked. 'Do not encourage the fell beast, lest it attack us in our sleep!' He told me, and returned to the cave. Soon all were sleeping but myself. And it. I could see its eyes, watching us at a distance. Eventually I picked up a bowl and slowly walked to the pot, keeping eye contact with it, opened the lid and, without looking, filled the pot with food. The creature stirred and I awkwardly dropped the pot lid and had to look to catch it and stop it falling noisily to the ground. When I looked back, the thing had gone. Though only a couple of seconds had passed I knew that it had already circled around, and was JUST BEHIND ME...

I woke up with a jolt at this point and, a bit wobbly, went to the bathroom. In the bath was a huge black bumblebee crawling towards me, I almost yelled out