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In a country mansion there was an endless party going on. Everyone was there. A troop of monkeys ran down and attacked anyone that tried to leave. I watched a pair of friends running across the lengthy lawn pursued by twenty baboons, they made it to a car, just, which then wouldn't start. They stared at the angry monkeys waiting outside. Inside the mansion I'd written a program connected to a machine where everyone could input their requirements for the the coming days and the machine would whir into life and mix their cocktail, then send them a text telling them it was ready. So, in six hours, pill A, pill B and powder E with pineapple juice, ENTER. In the kitchen a bit later I was trying to cook breakfast for everyone, it was a nightmare. Every time I put eggs in the pan my mother would appear and put a sewing project on top of them. 'Muuum! Jesus, what are you doing? There were eggs in there! Again!'