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I kiss the woman with the mousy brown hair, it's dark and she's warm but we have to go. We get dressed in what looks suspiciously like the cubicles from the swimming baths of my childhood. The old man complains that his boots are too small. 'They're all one size,' I tell him, 'just put them on.' The knee-high black leather boots are part of a costume I designed for our team. Finally ready, we cycle the boat off the edge of the baths and into the ocean, there's a large splash and it looks like we'll sink, but it rights itself and we find ourselves sitting in a cramped wooden room, all ornate wood and no windows. As the boat bobs and spins around we stare at each other. 'How do we steer?' asks someone. 'Or know where we're going at all?' asks another. All very good questions, I think.

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