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I pick up the airbnb guest from the muddy runway on a disability scooter. He says nothing as he sits in the luggage rack holding his suitcase over side and we set off, slowly. It's not far, certainly walkable, but it takes a considerable amount of time. We park up near by my house. 'Is that yours?' he asks. I turn around to look where he's pointing and stare at a huge, ruined Gothic cathedral which is clearly on my land. Which I've never seen before. 'Er, yes.' I tell him. 'Very impressive.' he says. I lead him on to the house, 'Watch out for that shed after dark,' I gesture to the left, 'a bear sometimes sleeps in it.' His eyes widen, 'Is that dangerous?' 'Oh yes.' I say. At the house I start the tour: 'Please keep the screen doors closed, or the flies like to come inside and look for food, and they get lazy.' He nods.

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