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I'm lying on the top bunk and the inmates are coming for me. Prison again? Seems so. Too many of them I can't escape, ah, they're pulling down my orange prison pants, this doesn't look good. They take them off and then stop, leaving and laughing, 'Ha ha! Let's see you wearing them other pants now.' I look and there's a pair of blue trousers next to me, I pull them on. They're fine, what's the big deal? I shrug and head out to the exercise yard. I'd better stamp my authority here, I think, can't have them dominating me like that. 'Hey you!' I shout at a man sitting on a bench that I notice has a hidden gun, 'Take out that gun and point it at everyone.' He looks around for a moment and then take his gun out, waves it around, this is going well. 'Right, listen up people,' I begin.

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