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We've stopped to rest by the lake near an old shelter where some parrots appear, poking their heads up to investigate the noise. I point them out. Old grey parrots. With big noses. Noses? 'Are you sure they're parrots?' someone asks. I suppose they are a big to be parrots and, oh my, they're ugly. More of them now, a dozen. 'Squeech?' asks a grey parrot thing. Then again, two more of them taking up the question, 'Squeech? Squeech?' One of our group, a joker, puts his hand up and shouts, 'Hey sure, I'm Squeech! Hahaha!' laughing. The grey creatures all silence and turn to look at him, suddenly coming out from behind the shelter and striding towards him yelling, 'Squeech! Squeech!' angrily. Oh dear, they're actually huge monkey-like creatures that walk on two legs, all teeth, long arms and strangler hands. The joker looks panicked and backs towards the lake edge. Surrounded now, as they rush to grab him he jumps into the lake and starts swimming like hell. The grey creatures go crazy and all jump into the water after him, they're shouting in their guttural language, 'Get the Squeech! Get him!' We watch from the bank for several minutes as the joker swims back and forth, the ape-things seemingly tiring, then he makes a break for the shore and runs past me at high speed, several of them still in pursuit. One ape, tired and confused stops, panting, next to me, muscular hands on its furry knees, breathing deeply. It looks up at me and frowns. 'Squeech?' it asks.

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