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After finding a padded door in a top-floor room that led to a secret chamber, I proceeded to explore with the dimmest torch imaginable. I soon found myself on a starship full of winding ventilation shafts (which were full of fire-breathing crocodile-like monsters), then fell through a hatch onto a beach strewn with stinking rubbish. I crossed a river of effluent and started up a slope towards a distant door that seemed to be the only way forward. A man dressed as an unconvincing pirate approached me. 'Are you here to join the pirate gang?' he asked. 'Umm, no...' I replied. 'Aaaarrr! Get 'im lads!' He cried! Pirates ran from campfires towards me, I fled through the door and found myself back in the house I had started in. So I went to bed (in the wrong bed, as it turned out, but that's another dream...)