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I wake up on a plane, we're all getting off. Outside we're told to stand in set places by name, I'm next to a man called Efhart Efloveboat. People are dancing to pass time. There are three groups of us, the workers (slaves, I think to myself) who look miserable, us, and the drivers looking bored in their opulent seating.

Waiting to get back on the plane I'm impatient, so wander off to look at the budgie stall, they're so cute! A green one walks up my arm and looks at me. I rub its neck and it leans against me in ecstasy. There's a sign, 'No budgies should bite during a petting session'. I ask the assistant, 'Can I keep a budgie?' I imagine taking one back on the plane with me. 'Sure, but only if you let it keep a full head of plumage.' he says

As I ponder this I see the fires and panic, everyone is leaving in a hurry. I join the race car drivers, we each have to drive a sports car out of the burning hangar before it explodes. Woah that's fast, so fast I miss the first exit, manage to pull into the second but it's blocked, out of control now I hit the runway and barely miss a fighter jet taking off. This is ll rather exciting. Back at the plane group and it and everyone has gone except a couple, they ask if they can take my trampoline plane. My what? Ah, I seem to be driving a trampoline with a small engine attached. 'Sure,' I say. As they fly away, they promise to come back for me.