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Police buggy.jpg
So, I'm a policeman. This is new. Hmm, I seem to be in my police car. Well, more an open-top police beach buggy. Is this thing battery powered? I look around, I'm in a parking lot, skyscrapers, sunny day, angry gang members with weapons massing near the exit. Oh, hello, ah yes, I remember, I did something to annoy them earlier in the dream, I forget what. They're shouting now. I feel I should make an escape. I start the buggy, eventually, and move off at about 4mph towards another exit. The gang members look furious at this and start running towards me. Come on buggy! Ah, I find the duck. I slowly release the rope and the duck flies into the sky providing enough pull to (just about) to escape the rather too-close-for-comfort bike-chain and knife wielding gang members. The duck is hard to steer, like a really unresponsive kite. We go around the block and the duck leads us back into the bloody car park and the angry gang mob. Stupid duck! I cry, as it lands and pecks at something on the floor.