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I'm on a quest, there are two people I need to find, at the top of that there building. 'Though,' says the old man, 'there is a demon. Pure evil.' I stare at the building, a decaying modern tower block. Halfway up the stairs the demon notices me and my mind fills with terrifying images, overwhelming horror I can't un-see, the demon is descending the steps towards me as I fall to my knees and panic, I can't breathe. It's just a dream, you're dreaming, I tell myself. Oh yes, okay. I walk through a door into a football stadium (it's all I could think of) and start to run through it. It follows and changes the stadium into a dark warehouse, creeping horror just out of sight. I make a river in the bright sunshine and jump into it, I hear a splash behind me, the sky darkens and the waters turn black. I notice a man on the shore and become him, leaving myself behind in the water as the demon swims up to me. It hasn't noticed my switch. I watch from the bank as the old me turns and tries to pull it under, trying to drown it. Still water for a moment then the demon pulls the old me out of the water and onto the bank, 'Try and drown me?' it shrieks, and hits me again and again with the end of an iron bar, my old body screams in agony. I walk up and stand beside to watch.

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