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This is an oddity, I don't don't remember writing it but it appears to be by me. It's from 2004. I'd been reading up on propaganda and how it's used and constructed, I think this was my attempt at writing such a speech.

The glorious Revolution has been successful, friends. The oppressive dictatorship that has strangled our country and individual liberties for so long, is gone. The oppressive dictatorship that tortured, intimidated and killed to retain its power, is gone. The oppressive dictatorship that caused us to live in fear and speak only in whispers, is gone. The new Democratic Republic of America, is here.

We will not dwell in the past, friends. We will not spend all our time and energy punishing those from the old regime. We will not seek revenge, nor become like them and use violence to redress past wrongs. But we will spend our time and energy re-educating and rehabilitating those evil-dowers from the old regime. But we will seek balance where there is now imbalance. But we will use strong force to push down walls that stand in the way of justice and equality. But we will build a new, just, democratic society here in glorious America.

Much has been done wrong, and there is now much to do right. Much evil has been done, and there is now much good to do. We will not shirk from our task, we will break our backs to create our new society from the rubble of the old.

First, we must do away with old structures. For in old structures are old ideas. And these old ideas are the ideas that held us in chains. We must change the order of our society, and even the language we use must pass the mill of change.

We are writing a new constitution, which will provide and secure liberty and democracy for the future generations of American Patriots. Democratic elections will be held every ten years to appoint regional Speakers who will represent the interests of the local people in the House of Patriots. There will be ten Speakers, and over the ten years, the leadership of the country shall fall upon each in turn, thus no one person shall cling to power and be corrupted by it.

You will be glad to know that the first ten Speakers have been selected. Ten men who fought bravely and without fear for their own lives, thinking only of their country and fellow American Patriots. Ten men who fought in our Glorious Revolution. Who better to lead our country now in this time of peace and harmony? Who better to wage war against injustice, poverty, intolerance, ignorance? If these men were brave in the face of bullets, they will be even braver in the face of evil ideas and wrong policies.

The first act of the New Speakers will be to change the old Imperialist time frames that have bound us in the past. There will now be 10 hours in one day, and loyal American Patriots will only have to work for three of them. This is less time that you worked in the past for the dictators. There will be ten days in one week, and loyal American Patriots will only have to work for four of them. This is less time that you worked in the past for the dictators. There will be 36 weeks in one year. There will be four seasons, each with 9 weeks. The five days at the end of every year shall be a holiday to celebrate the Glorious Revolution. The ten days of the week will be named after the first Ten Speakers. Each of the 36 weeks will be named after 36 martyrs who died for the Revolution. The four seasons will be named as they are now, to reflect the passing of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

There will be laws passed to ensure that no person has more than he needs. This way the wealth of the country shall be more evenly spread. The rich have no reason to fear, as they will not be left destitute. The destitute shall have no reason to fear, as they shall be enriched. No person may own more than one home, or more than one business, or more than one car, or more than one boat. A husband and wife, however, may own one of each item independently, as may children. No person needs two homes, two businesses, two cars or two boats. The extra items shall be taken by the Speakers and redistributed to those that have none.

There will be a tax review. Taxes will be paid by all people, but if you are poor you will pay little. If you are rich, you will pay much. But the rich will not be left poor by taxes, and the poor will not be left destitute by the taxes. There will be a salary limit of $500,000 per year, beyond which no citizen may earn, any amount in excess of this will be taken by the Speakers and redistributed to the poor. No person needs more than $500,000 per year to live upon.