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Adventures at festivals.

Shower queue, the dirty are resigned to a long wait. The 50-something couple at the front are talking, 'Shall we double up?' she says. 'Oh yeah,' he says, 'much faster that way.' Shower cubicle #1 opens and they walk up, the man goes straight in and throws his clothes over the door, the shower starts up. The woman, still outside, after a pause, strips completely naked except for a small white t-shirt, and then turns and faces the queue, showing us all her ginger thing, which we all silently stare at. 'What are you doing?' yells the man in the shower. 'I'm waiting.' she replies. 'What for?' he says. 'Well, if I come in now I'll get wet.' she tells him. Silence, then he shouts, 'It's a fucking shower, you're supposed to get wet.' 'I've got my t-shirt on.' she says. 'What?' 'I've got my T-SHIRT ON.' she hisses. There's a long pause then she says, with a sigh, 'Okay, I'm coming in.' and enters, t-shirt and all.