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There's someone in my apartment, the door is unlocked. I sneak in and listen, stealthily pace to the lounge where I pull out a shotgun from under the sofa. I start to go from room to room, pushing the doors gently open with the gun and peering inside. In a bedroom there's a girl alseep on the bed, only six or seven perhaps, I jab her withe the gun, 'WHO ARE YOU?' she's terrified and can't speak. 'Speak up!' I shout. There's a knocking at the front door, I decide the girl isn't really a threat so run back just in time to see the door kicked in, it's the boss' wife in her fur coat and a stooge. I drop the gun. 'Hello there,' she says, 'I wondered if you wanted to buy some upscale tea?' 'Some what?' I say. 'Don't be stupid. Do you want it, you could distribute it, not round here though. You're a pretty boy you know, why didn't you ever take for a ride eh? It comes with the deal you know. How about it eh? I don't mind.' I notice the little girl has followed me and watches from behind.

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