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I don't like wasps much. They always seem to want to enter my ears, or chew my lips. So, I enter my tent and there are about twelve trapped in the top. *strangled yell #1*. I open up all the tent flaps and the wasps then use my tent as a drive-through social centre for the rest of the weekend. I try and walk them off normally, with sporadic twitchy head movements. Brian is unimpressed as we sit on a blanket. 'It's irrational you know,' he tells me, 'just ignore them.' At this point there are three on my jeans, one exploring my ears and one ON MY FACE, OH GOD IT'S TRYING TO GET IN MY MOUTH. *strangled yell #2*. There are none on Brian, I notice. Easy to be philosophical when they don't bother you, just saying. So I flee, slowly. By the gate a man runs by sobbing, he's just been stung on the face. Minx is stung on the hand there, just there, next to me. They're EVERYWHERE. Someone told me that peppermint oil works, so I cover myself in it, like a giant minty sweet they like me just as much, maybe even more so. I've become a lot calmer about the odd one now, I must say, after the wasp-weekend-from-hell. So then, does anyone have any wasp repelling tips that actually work? Things that stop them crawling all over the face and ears and down the t-shirt?