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Dreams when needing to wee.

The only way to get back up north is to transport some slightly dodgy materials with the Scrap Crew in their monster truck that relentlessly travels north and south. They're like a stupid infantry in soiled clothes and they hate me because I don't move my lips when I think. We're in the main junkyard of the Southern Mega City and ready to go. 'Wait a sec, I need a wee.' I say, climbing out. HURRY UP, they yell and start moving the truck slowly away. I stand by a fence and start weeing and then notice a dozen nuns walking my way. 'Hey wait!' I shout at the truck. The Scrap Crew are laughing, and telling me to run. So I run, still weeing, crab-like. The nuns are staring at me. I wake up, really, really needing the toilet.

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