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As John left yesterday he said, oh, there's some yoghurt in the fridge that'll need finishing. He frowned and looked thoughtful as if counting back how long it had been open, sitting in his coolbox. Then left. Today I blearily stared into the fridge and saw Rachel's Organic Greek Style Natural Bio-Live Yoghurt. I open it and peer inside. Looks ok. I poke it with a spoon, tease a tiny bit out and taste it. I'm not sure, but it doesn't taste off, I think. So push a large dessert spoonful in my mouth. My mind races through the next events in a scant second. Funny taste, is that sweet? I'm not sur... shit! There are LUMPS in it! Actual lumps, abort mouthful! Abort! So I spit the entire lot out, splattering everywhere. My mouth is now, rather belatedly, reporting back to my brain that despite the lumps it tastes quite nice. I peer at the pot. Pictures of coconuts are suddenly conspicuous. Coconut yoghurt with coconut lumps. Jesus. I stare at the yoghurt spit splatter and consider how wrong and unpleasant it looks on a morning, in the sink. And so take a picture and put it on Facebook for you all to enjoy. Morning!