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Dream: A long haired man asks if I'd like to stay with him and get stoned. 'We can smoke tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and the next morning. We can grow and smoke, you can go home stoned. It's good stuff.' He smiles. I agree and we leave with his friend, a mistrustful woman who lets me, suspiciously, ride her 50cc motorbike along the river to our destination. I pull wheelies as we pass the gloomy, dark ruins of once opulent buildings that now seem inhabited by ghouls. There are railings between us but little else. We hurry on as it is getting dark.

Finally we arrive. It's a large covered area next to a natural pool in the river, a hundred small children await. It seems I'm to look after them all. My friends have vanished. Oh well. First I have to cook them a meal. They look kind of Indian and I'm seeing bindis so am thinking curry might work but I don't want to make assumptions. 'Where are you all from?' I ask. 'London!' they shout. No clues there, so I say, 'Does everyone like curry?' 'Yes!' they yell. 'And where is good curry from? Is it from... Singapore?' 'No!' they shout, 'from India!' Okay, Indian curry then. I set to work sorting out spices and cook a massive pan of channa masala. The kids look at each other and then eat it all down. I read the reviews they leave. 'It's a mind set' says one. 'First good food we've had in ages' says another. 'Good but would you have cooked it for other kids?'. I ignore that.

Next up is fishing. I'm teaching them fishing. I haven't fished for twenty years. I go to ask a local fisherman (we now seem to be in sunny Arabia) for a quick recap. As I walk over I notice all the kids have their tackle out (stop it) and are already all tangled up - rods and lines and hooks and suchlike everywhere. Oh dear, I think, long day coming up. At least I'm not stoned. The Arabic fisherman is using a basic spin cast reel with 12ft rod, 6lb line, straight shank hooks, 1/16-ounce clamp-on weights and a stupidly oversized float that seems unnecessary, I wonder if he has bad eyesight. Right kids! I shout, but then I wake up. I was looking forward to fishing class.