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A beautiful dream where nothing much really happened.

I was travelling to find a house I was going to stay in. I had some written instructions and a series of photographs taken on the way there. I'd stop and hold up the photos to try and work out the path ahead. Low green hills, then a village by the sea. Sleek wooden houses, I find mine, number 14, the last one. Inside it has tatami matting and a huge window overlooking the rough sea. The owner tells me to take my boots off, I scurry to the door and do so. Next day is work. We're laying a road into the village. Me and Robery Downey Jr. We're wearing white suits with silk bow ties. 'Pass me another handful of tarmac would you please?' I ask Downey Jr. 'Certainly.' He hands me some and I neatly pack it in place. Two things occur to me, the first is that white suits are completely unsuited to this kind of work, and the second is that it's going to take a bloody long time to finish this road.