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Article Damson Gin Hits 6189 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
Another 1960s recipe for Damson Gin this time, though it is probably older than that. Requires 1lb damsons, 3oz sugar, 1 bottle of gin, makes 2 bottles of damson gin. Takes about 3 months.
News How to make Absinthe, the easy way Hits 21438 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
This recipe is based on a few on the net that I found, and merged into one. The active ingredient, Wormwood or Absinthium (Artemisia absinthium) can be found in specialist shops, mail-order, or on a holiday to North Africa, for example.
Article How to make easy Mead recipe Hits 64716 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
I thought I'd try my hand at mead. This recipe is a mix of a few I found on the net. It is pretty easy and requires little special ingredients or equipment.
Article Papaya Vodka Hits 3164 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
Ever thought of making papaya flavoured vodka with that left over, over-ripe papaya you have?
Article Sloe Gin Hits 6107 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
A 1960s sloe gin recipe. Requires 1lb sloes, 5oz sugar, 70cl Gin. Takes about 3 months. Makes 2 bottles of sloe gin from 1 bottle of gin.
Misc Summer Punch Recipe Hits 4793 | Last Modified 2009-10-14
This is a traditional Shropshire Wassail drink that has been adapted for summer-time sipping. Basically we remove all the egg and cream from the thing, don't bother with the 10 baked apples and instead chill it and serve with ice. It's very refreshing in the sun! If you find it too bitter, then add more honey or sugar, likewise, if using sweet cider, then use less.

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