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Article Memories between 4 and 6 Hits 2017 | Last Modified 2007-09-26
My very first memory in life is a lie. I'm about 3 years old and we've just arrived at my Grandmother's house, it is sunny and I'm wearing shorts and a striped T-shirt. My Grandmother is waiting on her lawn to meet us with our dog - a large Irish Setter called Finbar. Finbar is excited to see us and runs over to us, almost knocking me over, then licking my face with joy.
Article Risk Hits 5793 | Last Modified 2007-09-26
I'm not terribly scared of electrical storms, I was never traumatised as a child by stories of giants in the clouds being angry, or any other such nonsense. During thunder and lightning I like to go outside, to the top of the nearest hill and watch the show. I don't think being hit is very likely.
Article Sleep Hits 3126 | Last Modified 2007-09-26
An article about sleep that I wrote, re-found recently on my hard-drive.
Article The Hilton Hotel, In East Croydon, England Hits 4663 | Last Modified 2007-09-26
My idea was to return to the hotel and sip a Martini and smoke a cigarette before retiring. I was dismayed to find that there was a large Xmas party occurring, and so the bar was rather busy, the staff looked harassed.
Article Thirty-One Hits 2821 | Last Modified 2007-09-26
Written on my 31st birthday, I just found this article and thought I'd publish it again. It charts my life, year by year...

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